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Kojaagrat Purnima – End Of Dashain Festival

Kojagrat Purnima


18 October 2013 KATHMANDU, Nepal – The longest and the greatest Hindu Festival of Nepal, The Dashain festival has come to an end from today until next year as Hindus throughout the world observed the Kojagrat Purnima or in some part it is called “saradh purnima” as will literally meaning the full moon day on the calendar of Bikramaditya.

The festival that started on Ghatasthapana concludes on the day of Purnima with the worship of Maha Laxmi in the evening. Hindu holy books say that the Goddess of prosperity and wealth, Mahalaxmi, roams round the earth on the night of ‘Kojagrat Purnima’ to see people who stay awake to worship her that day. There is a belief that the night-long worship of the Goddess brings more wealth to the devotees.

Another month-long festival of lighting a lamp called “Aakash Deep” and offering puja to the “Tulsimath” as homage to Lord Bishnu will start on Friday throughout the country. Buddhists also offer prayers to the Swayambu Chaitya throughout the night on this Purnima with a belief that the “Swayambu Jyoti” emerged on this day. It is believed that when the moon shines that night, Goddess Laxmi visits the homes of people asking, “Ko Jageko Chha?”, meaning “who is awake?”

She then blesses those who are up and are engaged in gambling. From the very words, “ko jageko chha”, the full-moon night got its name, “Kojagrat Purnima.” The day is considered good for gambling. Some people also observe Kojagrat Purnima by fasting the whole day and worshiping the goddess at night. There is another belief that on this full moon day, also known by the name of Sharad Purnima, the moon showers “amrit” or elixir on the earth through its beams and food and plants kept in the open moonlight absorb this elixir. The spiritual import of keeping awake through the night is to remain vigilant in life. The message of Kojagrat is: “Stay ever awake! Always remain vigilant! Watch out! Be alert at all times.”

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