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Cautiously optimistic – Don’t Lose Hope

Oct 28, 2016- The government has endorsed yet another ambitious school reform programmed, the School…
In this together

An Irresponsible state

Where has Innocence gone?


Strong quake near Fukushima disaster site in Japan Triggered Tsunami

22 November 2016, Fukushima- JAPAN – Japanese people don’t even notice so many of the earth shakes as their country joilts few times a day…
A Hindu Temple to be ready in less than a year in Abu Dhabi

An Indian Women Brutally Raped Accused Her of Eating Beef

Munich Gunman Lured people to Fast food restaurant offering free meal and Killed

Nestle India to destroy noodles worth $50m

TV Shows

Sajha Sawal Episode 390 – Volunteerism after Earthquake in Nepal

यो साताको साझा सवालमा हामी भूकम्पपछि सिन्धुपाल्चोक र धादिङ जिल्लाका प्रभावितहरूको व्यथा र अहिलेको अवस्थामा…
Sajha Sawal – Climate Change and Livelihood

Prospering Nepal – Sajha Sawal Episode 362

Sambidhan Kahile 04 Oct 2014

Sajha Sawal – Agenda of Political Parties for Election

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Age Discrimination in the Workplace is on the Rise?

Ten years ago, Javier seemed destined for a long, successful career in digital marketing. At…
Tips To Stay Healthy with Your AC

How Cruel Can a Mom be?



Merry Christmas

24 December 2016, Kathmandu – Millions of Christians around the world prepared to celebrate the…
Chhath Festival Being Observed Today

Laxmi Pooja Being Observed


Top 10 wealthiest countries In the World

26 August 2016, Kathmandu Nepal – Do you have any idea about how rich is…
Robot at Volkswagen plant in Germany killed a worker

Businesses at Thamel and Durbarmarg.


Kabisha Shrestha – Nepali Model

About Kabisha in Brief intro:  Full Name : Kabisha Shrestha Gender : Female Birth Place…
Nepal In Memory

Birding around Kathmandu Valley


Age Discrimination in the Workplace is on the Rise?

Ten years ago, Javier seemed destined for a long, successful career in digital marketing. At…
World’s largest tobacco company Could stop selling cigarettes?

Tips To Stay Healthy with Your AC


Federalism Is a political issue should be decided by political means

26 JANUARY 2015 – Political parties in Nepal are divided into various ideology as the…
Interview: There’ll Be Strong Resistance

Kathmandu would be sexy in five years


Hottest June ever recorded worldwide

21 JULY 2016, Kathmandu – Global Warming or in other sense the world is boiling…
Nepal Earthquake Damage in Pictures

Don’t miss the total lunar eclipse on April 4


Nokia launches first Android smartphone Nokia 6

09 January 2017 – Once the Empire of all cell phones, Nokia has sold their…
Wave of cyber attacks hit Twitter, PayPal and Spotify

Facebook activates Safety Check for Nepal


How to get help in paper making by Pro exposition ?

Postulation paper is a complete deterrent that each understudies needs to qualified before getting any…
Secondary School Examination result published, way to check your result?

Inspirational Quotes Of Buddha


32 Hottest Wags Was Present at FIFA World Cup 2018

Moscow July 12.2018 – Gossip and rumors are always around every events of high profile…
Croatia first world cup final berth as they beat England 2-1

France have qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup semifinal


Himalayan Travel Mart To Be Organized in June 2017

30 December 2016, Kathmandu – Nepal is one of the admired place to visit in…
Young Ugandan woman passenger dies in Dubai

Landslide in Manaslu Claims 3 lives 1 still missing