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Prachanda is the lone horse in the race for Next Prime Minister

02 August 2016, Kathmandu – After Nine months of opposition role, Nepal’s largest Political party Nepali congress supporting CPN-Maoist Center Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’…
MJF Led By Gachhadar withdrawn support from Oli Government

An art auction to be hosted in London for earthquake victims of Nepal

Nepal earthquake Toll crosses 7000

Rs 900,000 government Grant each to quake-affected VDCs


Munich Gunman Lured people to Fast food restaurant offering free meal and Killed

July 23, 2016, Munich Germany – Once one of the safest region in the world to live are now scattered by gun battle and killing…
Nestle India to destroy noodles worth $50m

International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action

Nepal’s relation with China

Srilanka Celebrating her 67th Independence Day


6 Unusual Habits of Most Creative People

03 July 2015 – Are you wondering how people get success in their life? How has collage drop outs became some of the most innovative…
Why Over 75 million youths are jobless?

In this together

An Irresponsible state

Where has Innocence gone?

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Hottest June ever recorded worldwide

21 JULY 2016, Kathmandu – Global Warming or in other sense the world is boiling…
Nepal Earthquake Damage in Pictures

Don’t miss the total lunar eclipse on April 4


Federalism Is a political issue should be decided by political means

26 JANUARY 2015 – Political parties in Nepal are divided into various ideology as the…
Interview: There’ll Be Strong Resistance

Kathmandu would be sexy in five years


Facebook activates Safety Check for Nepal

30 APRIL 2015 California – Technologies are invented to help us in our need, most…
Have you Lost your phone? It can be blocked instantly

Wall Street debut of Online Storage Provider Box


How Cruel Can a Mom be?

23 APRIL 2015 POKHARA – How important is your love life? What can you do…
Daylight in schools Can protect eyesight of kids?

New Method of rice cooking could help tackle obesity


Robot at Volkswagen plant in Germany killed a worker

03 July 2015 Frankfurt – Modern technology are used to make human efforts to minimize…
Businesses at Thamel and Durbarmarg.

Fire Risk Forced KIA Motors to recall its more than 87000 Fortes cars


Kabisha Shrestha – Nepali Model

About Kabisha in Brief intro:  Full Name : Kabisha Shrestha Gender : Female Birth Place…
Nepal In Memory

Birding around Kathmandu Valley