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Nepalese quarantined in Qatar

17 March 2020, Doha, Qatar – Qatar is home to some 400000 and more Migrant…
Ambitious and Unrealistic Budget

Sumargi has refused to pay capital gains tax

India bans herb import from Nepal?

Mayoori Kango joins Google as Head of Industry


School enrollment ineffective in most districts

18 April 2019 – Kathmandu – Government of Nepal has long campaigned and spent millions…
Tigers Are Disappearing soon?

Secret – No More Rage Against Rape

Maghe Sankranti being celebrated today

Thousands of pilgrims take holy bath at Gosaikunda


5 things You May Not know about Mariska Pokharel

18 April 2019, Kathmandu – We have watched several movies, music video and public appearance…
Under Water Studio for cinematography of different kind

Bollywood actor-director Kader Khan dies

Aretha Franklin dies at 76

Eminem Fastest Rap Ever


Nepali  Football team as a work in progress Says Kalin

01 June 2019 Kathmandu – Once Nepali football team was considered second position in South Asia, Several hurdles, mismanagement, corruption and lack of sustainability of…
Nepal named squad for ACC U-16 cricket team

Barca reach semis against United

Women’s Twenty20 Cricket: Nepal beat UAE by six wickets to secure semifinal

Dubai World Cup prize money Increased to $35 million


Did The Queen Forced Prince Harry to take decision about his life?

26 May 2019 London – We as commoner sees Royal members are having charming VIP…
Remembering Late King Birendra

Celebrated 82 Years of Marriage


Nepalese quarantined in Qatar

17 March 2020, Doha, Qatar – Qatar is home to some 400000 and more Migrant…
Why Insomnia Happens? How to Get Better Sleep?

Dhs 5,000 fine for breaking this rule at massage parlors


What To Expect From Apple’s Big Developer Show

01 June 2019 – Innovation, sleek design and durability is the key to success of…
Huawei pledges to continue Android device security

Update your WhatsApp, stay safe from hackers


Kabisha Shrestha – Nepali Model

About Kabisha in Brief intro:  Full Name : Kabisha Shrestha Gender : Female Birth Place…
Nepal In Memory

Swaymbhunath Stupa In Kathmandu


The Secret of the Seven Sisters

How did oil exploited the world today? How has those giant oil companies has establish…
Arvind Kejriwal – An Insignificant Man

The Mystery Beneath the Sea

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