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UN pushes Nepal to amend transitional justice act

18 April 2019, Geneva – Its been more than 12 years since the peace agreement deal was signed between then Maoist and Rulling government to…
Military cargo plane crashes in Iran killed 15 People on Board

Thailand expecting powerful storm at southern beach towns

U.S. Renews Travel Advisory for China

American Who Loves Russia Ensnared in New Cold War


India bans herb import from Nepal?

18 April 2019 Nepalgunj – Nepal is heavily dependent on India in terms of food…
Mayoori Kango joins Google as Head of Industry

PM directs to re-start the bicycle sharing app Pathao and Tootle

Bike-hailing services are illegal?

Malaysia to deduct migrant workers wages?


School enrollment ineffective in most districts

18 April 2019 – Kathmandu – Government of Nepal has long campaigned and spent millions…
Tigers Are Disappearing soon?

Secret – No More Rage Against Rape

Maghe Sankranti being celebrated today

Thousands of pilgrims take holy bath at Gosaikunda


5 things You May Not know about Mariska Pokharel

18 April 2019, Kathmandu – We have watched several movies, music video and public appearance…
Under Water Studio for cinematography of different kind

Bollywood actor-director Kader Khan dies

Aretha Franklin dies at 76

Eminem Fastest Rap Ever


Nepal named squad for ACC U-16 cricket team

18 April 2019 Kathmandu – Nepal has impressed international sporting events by performing well during various cricketing events in recent years. As Defending champion, Nepal…
Barca reach semis against United

Women’s Twenty20 Cricket: Nepal beat UAE by six wickets to secure semifinal

Dubai World Cup prize money Increased to $35 million

32 Hottest Wags Was Present at FIFA World Cup 2018


Celebrated 82 Years of Marriage

26 April 2019 North Carolina – How long do we think we can live? Lifespan…
Angelina Jolie reveals her new ambition

Screw New I want my Old me


Cyclone Fani blew away tents at Everest Base Camp

04 May 2019 Kathmandu – Climate change has taken its toll nowadays as its causes…
Plane goes missing in North Carolina

Jet Airways to suspended all its operation


Dhs 5,000 fine for breaking this rule at massage parlors

17 April 2019, Dubai -a regulated wellness center could promote business and well being together…
Dhading becomes 64th ODF district in Nepal

Baby born with two heads survives in Egypt


Update your WhatsApp, stay safe from hackers

15 May 2019 – We are using social apps and communication applications to enhance our…
Nepal’s first ever satellite launched into space

Sheikh Hamdan’s first look at the Samsung Galaxy Fold


Kabisha Shrestha – Nepali Model

About Kabisha in Brief intro:  Full Name : Kabisha Shrestha Gender : Female Birth Place…
Nepal In Memory

Swaymbhunath Stupa In Kathmandu


Arvind Kejriwal – An Insignificant Man

India is well known for its corruption and uncertainty over the century. Indians have fought…
The Mystery Beneath the Sea

Child Prostitutes and Pleasure Boys At Pirwadhai Pakistan

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